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Real Mountain Values started as a running joke between myself, Brianna Willis and my husband, Patrick. A certain politician ran a campaign that constantly discussed mountain values. To tell you the truth Patrick and I don't remember that much about the campaign other than every time we would see a sign or commercial we would discuss exactly what made up a mountain value... Shotgun weddings?

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A Little Introspection

So there’s been a lot of changes in my life in the recent months and weeks. Some of them good, some of them difficult. But I was lying awake in bed last night and began to think about my life a little bit. One of the things that I thought about was how will I be remembered? And soon afterwards I thought, how would I want to be remembered?

These are some very interesting questions. And the first one doesn’t necessarily match the second. But as I was thinking, I was wondering, how do I want to be remembered? I think this is the more important question of the two. One thing that I have realized is that people get caught up in there work, their job. Would I want to be remembered for that? Will anyone care if I am an accountant for some large company? Or if I worked at a retail store for 30 years? Of course some people will care-family, close friends, etc. But if I was reading my obituary, would I care about those things? Fuck no. I wouldn’t care that I worked at the Wolfe House for six years.  Why would I? Has it truly made me who I am? In my situation, no. There’s a lot more to me than that. And in fact, there’s a lot more to me than just what is written below.

So as I was thinking about this, I began to ask, how would I define myself? And I think this is a difficult question. Of course your job and working is one way to define yourself. But for me, that would only be a sliver of what I would want to be remembered for. And I wouldn’t put it in my obituary. What about my kids? Ahh yes, now we’re talking. This is one part of me that I would want to be remembered for and to be defined as. I would want people to know that I am a (hopefully) loving, caring father who did what was/is best for his kids. I want to be remembered as being a proud father, who fostered an imagination in his kids, that influenced his kids in the most positive of ways and that he did everything in his power to help his kids succeed. This would be one way that I hope to be remembered.

At the same time, I do not want to be completely defined by my kids. I actually enjoy talking about adult themes as well as swapping kid stories. My kids are a big part of my life, especially right now, but they are not my complete life. I realize I need to live my own life my own way, and hopefully the kids will accept that and do the same thing. I wouldn’t want my kids to think of me as their entire lives (Haha, like they would ever do that!), and I hope that they won’t expect that from me. Of course I will give them support and assistance as much as I can and as much as they want.

But what about me? What defines me? If someone were to describe me, what would I want them to say about me, besides what’s above? For one, I have a passion for learning. I love to learn new things. I’ve been interested in various subjects all my life. History has been one of the biggest, but other subjects/topics/conversations also have great interest for me. I like politics. I like accounting (to a degree). Shit, I like dinosaurs. One of the things that keeps me going is the desire to learn more about things in our world. This is how I would want to be remembered. Someone who actively enjoys discovering new things. And I hope to pass this trait on to my kids.

What else would define me? I think that I have made a lot of personal changes recently, and I while I wouldn’t want to disclose all of those to the world, I would like the world to know that I have gone through some pretty dramatic fundamental shifts in the way I think about things. And more importantly I think for me, I’m also in the process of going through a new way of how to express what I feel and think. This has been a long and often slow process. But I can still feel it, which I’m actually a little proud of.  I’m not sure if it’s going to make me a better person per se, but it will make me a different person.  And right now, I’m hoping that I like this “new person”  is better than the “old person”. Because what’s the point of changing if it’s not going to improve something or someone in your life?

I wrote a few chapters for a local history book a few years ago for a couple of reasons. One, it was a unique experience that most of us are not capable of or have the desire to do. But I also did it because I wanted to leave something concrete behind that people could look at and say, “Yeah, that chapter was written by Patrick Willis.” In reality, I really just wanted the opportunity to become a footnote. And maybe no one will ever look at that book and the chapters I’ve written. But it will still be there, and that makes me feel pretty good. So I would want to be remembered for trying to leave the world a footnote that hopefully someone can use in their life.

So I think it’s important to ask yourself these questions. How would you define you? And how do you want to be remembered? Just my .02.


Ahh Printers!

As I was sitting here today looking at my resume that I was trying to print, which came out with lots of blurred lines through the text and text that was halfway gone, I realized what a crock the electronics companies have given us when it comes to PC printers. They advertise that their printers “have the best quality!” and “look professional” but what this really means in printerspeak is “this printer uses a shit-ton amount of ink, which is only just slightly less valuable than the soul of an unborn baby based on its cost”. Heck, the printer itself

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Goodbye Facebook-forev…well, just for now

Well, look at that! It’s a post. I don’t think I’ve done this for a while, but here goes. So I’ve decided (once again) to deactivate my Facebook for a while. I think I will try for a month this time and see how it goes. If I make it a month, I may try for six, and if I make it for six, I may make it a year. But we’ll see. I’ve done it before for a couple of weeks, and it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t have too many withdrawal symptoms. I don’t know why social media

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So What’s Up With You?

Hi. Remember me? Yeah, it has been awhile.

I have missed throwing my thoughts out to the interwebs. But really life just got away from me. I haven’t had time to be introspective enough to even to write whiny, thought provoking, muses about my life. I’ve been in the thick of it. Having a second kid laid me out.

Those people that say “A second isn’t much more work than the first” yeah… Those people are FULL of shit. F-U-L-L. Two under the age of 4 is like a barely controlled chaos. Maybe it isn’t even controlled.

And why? Why

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Random (True) Story

So I was thinking the other day, and I’m not really sure why, way back in the 7th grade, our English class did a project where we put all of our stories, essays, poems and everything together in a book. The teacher gathered all of them together and gave us a copy at the end of the year. Just before she put it all together, she told us we had to come up with a suitable name for a title. She left the room while we talked about it. We wrote a few things on the board, had some short

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Apocalypse Now? Yesterday? Tomorrow? When?

Well, December 21st, 2012 came and went, with nary an apocalypse to speak of. Once again, the a select group of people get the whole “end of the world” thing wrong, and in consequence, make us suffer through agonizing months, weeks and days of non-stop natter about something that will probably happen in about 10 billion years, when the sun blows up (which, by the way, I’m not planning on being present for, but would probably be a pretty cool experience. I mean, if you’re going to go, that would be a nice way of going…).

The way I see

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Flip Flops!!

I hate all the flip-flopping. Hey, at least the media doesn't calling it "Thonging", right?

So as we come down to the last week of the elections, it bothers me to see that (almost) no one has made the connection between Mitt Romney’s flip-flopping earlier this year to John Kerry’s flip-flopping of 2004. Is there something in the water in Massachusetts that makes you say things early in the election year and then claim the exact opposite later on?


What they need is a disclaimer in the beginning of every commercial and stump speech that says something

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When It Hits the Fan…

We need this sign.

We need this sign.

I work in the public sphere. A big part of my job is dealing directly with the public. At my place of work, as with many places, there are two bathrooms, one for men and one for women. Thankfully, my job is not to clean them. But unfortunately, that’s where this post is heading…

You see, every once in a while when I peek into the public bathroom or use it, I do a quick check to make sure there’s no dead bodies and such. All to often however, I find that something HAS happened,

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The Nap Whisperer

The Elusive 2-Baby Nap in action

The Elusive 2-Baby Nap in action

For those of you with more than one child under the age of three, one of the most blessed times of the day comes when the stars align and both children are able to nap at the same time. This may not seem that big of an issue for some, but for those of us with the rugrats, the silence that the dual-nap can bring can only be described as blessed. There’s no toddler sticking his wet, slobber-covered finger in your ear, or running around the house yelling at you to yell (not

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Hehe, Blockbuster. Hehehe.

Hehe, Blockbuster. Hehehe.

A couple of days ago I wrote that I suspended my facebook account because it was sucking my soul through the computer screen. Well, soon thereafter, we decided that we weren’t really using our Netflix account so……BLAM, that’s gone now too. Having a 5-month-old and a two-and-a-half year old just doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for mindless entertainment on the TV. It seems that the Bourne Identity sitting on top of our DVD player was not going to play itself after 2 weeks, so we finally gave in and made the decision to join

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