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Real Mountain Values started as a running joke between myself, Brianna Willis and my husband, Patrick. A certain politician ran a campaign that constantly discussed mountain values. To tell you the truth Patrick and I don't remember that much about the campaign other than every time we would see a sign or commercial we would discuss exactly what made up a mountain value... Shotgun weddings?

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No Longer Innocent

Well, told the family about the blog. So now just about every one in my family knows about this site. What do you think? Not a good idea? Meh, who cares? I’m just curious. I guess all of the big bloggers out there have families that know about them. Hopefully it won’t cloud my cynicism or lack of political correctness. I’d hate to get all goody two-shoes and ruin your experience. Because that’s really what we’re all about. How you, the readers feel. Really.

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