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Real Mountain Values started as a running joke between myself, Brianna Willis and my husband, Patrick. A certain politician ran a campaign that constantly discussed mountain values. To tell you the truth Patrick and I don't remember that much about the campaign other than every time we would see a sign or commercial we would discuss exactly what made up a mountain value... Shotgun weddings?

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OMG! Champion Belgian Wheat Ale

So me and my co-brewmaster made Champion Brewery’s third round of frothy goodness three weeks ago and I must say-It’s not only Drinkable, it’s Drunkable. This has been the best batch of homemade beer to date and is the primary reason that I will be harassing Brianna from now until my birthday to buy me a glass carboy; and maybe bribing other members of my family for more beer supplies.

My issue now is that with only 1 fermenter, I can only brew one batch at a time. I’ll have to wait about a week until a batch gets done fermenting before I can start a new one. I still would like to continue to experiment with other flavors and styles, but I think I might have to brew at least another batch or two of this before the year is out and keep it around for a while.

Doesn't this make you thirsty?!?

This round was one of my most-favoritest beers, a Belgian wheat ale. Man! The Belgians haven’t won a war in almost 400 years, but they sure know how to make a great wheat beer! The ingredients came from the great guys at Asheville Brewers Supply, btw. This sample was brewed with some orange rind brewed in the wort. We weren’t sure how it would turn out, but I think it’s probably some of the best wheat beer I’ve ever had. Of course, it does help a bit that I brewed it, but those are just details.

The taste is pretty much like you’d expect from a wheat beer. It’s a little bit ‘heavier’ than a Blue Moon, but I think you can taste a bit of the flavor of the orange in it. I’m really looking forward to next year when hopefully we will have some blackberries from our yard farm so I can do more experimenting with other fruit. I realize that this will ultimately lead me to looking like a girly-sissy-man, but I don’t/won’t care. It’s manly to own up to the fact that you like a little fruit in your beer.

Anyways, thanks for reading my bragging on my brew. I’m very pleased with this beer. I may have actually found a hobby! My co-brewmaster and I  may decide on a logo for our product and start distributing it to ‘special’ customers to try out some of our next brews.  Who knows, maybe RMV will turn into a beer blog.

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