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Real Mountain Values started as a running joke between myself, Brianna Willis and my husband, Patrick. A certain politician ran a campaign that constantly discussed mountain values. To tell you the truth Patrick and I don't remember that much about the campaign other than every time we would see a sign or commercial we would discuss exactly what made up a mountain value... Shotgun weddings?

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31 Days of Party & Event Planning

Day 31: The End and Traditional Thanksgiving Inspiration

Day 30: Recap and Top 5 posts

Day 29: Social Media and Photo Etiquette

Day 28: Photos As Part of the Event

Day 27: Non-Dorky Icebreakers

Day 26: 5 DIY Party Favor Tutorials

Day 25: Unique Party Favors

Day 24: Shimmery Halloween Inspiration

Day 23: Party & Event Extras

Day 22: How Far to Go For Your Guests

Day 21: Easy Tricks For The Buffet

Day 20: Staple Recipes For Your Party

Day 19: How To Make Gravestone Treat Bags for Halloween

Day 18: Where to Find Party and Entertaining Recipes

Day 17: Halloween Food Inspiration

Day 16: Finding Go-To Drinks and Food

Day 15: Themes: Yea or Nay?

Day 14: 2 Design Tips for Interesting Arrangements

Day 13: Finding Inspiration

Day 12: Easy Party Favors

Day 11: What to Decorate for Your Event

Day 10: Autumn Wedding Inspiration

Day 9: Let’s Decorate

Day 8: Place Cards: Do or Don’t? You Decide

Day 7: Hosting How To, In Three Easy Steps

Day 6: Evites (electronic) Versus Paper Invitations

Day 5: 5 Place Settings in 5 Minutes

Day 4: Sorting Guests in Excel

Day 3: Harvest Party Inspiration

Day 2: Manage Your Guest List

Day 1: It’s Not a Party Without People

Why 31 Days?

Perhaps you have heard of inertia?  Or the idea that an object wants to do whatever it is doing and nothing new.  Or maybe not…  My physics class was a long time ago.  Anyway, my personal inertia is that of an object in rest and I need to get the ball rolling.  I’m not discussing the type of rest where I sit on the sofa watching Soap Operas and eating bonbons.  I mean, duh, I don’t even have Cable!  No I’m plenty busy with school, toddler, pregnancy, meetings, work, and more school.

Photo courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt.

What I am not busy with is being just me.  Other than running through a few books lately I have really dropped my hobbies, crafts, decorating, social events…  You name it and I’m probably not doing it.  I’m kind of just punching the time-card of life at the moment.  Not that there is anything wrong with just doing the day to day, but I want to get back to things I enjoy.  In this particular case I want to get back to my blogging.  Perhaps this time learning to craft a complete and grammatically correct sentence in my blog.  Though, I wouldn’t hold my breath because I love me some commas.

But how to make myself stop farting around on Facebook and peeking at Pinterest?  Why!  A challenge!  To write about a single topic for 31 days.   I read about the concept at Nesting Place and thought that sounds cool… I should do that.  Then as usual the doubts began to sink in: how would I have the time, what if people weren’t interested, and what the hell would I write about?

I thought I had tabled the issue but my mind kept returning to the challenge.  I even mulled over subjects “31 days of self discovery”, “31 days of toddlers and tantrums”, “31 days of crafts”, “31 days of farts and fancies”.  Each one had its merits but do I need to brood more about myself or my child?  And realistically even cutting a lot of Facebook out I don’t have the time to do 31 crafts with homework and exams…

But this morning as I considered my to do list for the next couple of months it hit me.  Lets write about something I enjoy and will be doing anyway in the near future.  Events and Parties oh my!  This frivolous topic is just the thing to lighten my mood plus I have an upcoming baby shower, 2nd birthday party, and at least one seasonal get together to well… get together.

So if you are interested come learn about guest lists and why they matter, big and small events, decorations (my fav), food (my weakest point), themes, and more.  I’ve thrown everything from huge New Years bashes to quiet dinner parties.  Some have been spectacularly fun and others flops, but I’ve learned a lot along the way I want to share.

Oh, and if you are new here and only want the party just click the 31 Days link I’ll be putting at the end of this post.  Though I highly suggest reading through some of my husband’s humorous musings about life in WNC.  Laughter is always good, especially at a party.

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