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Real Mountain Values started as a running joke between myself, Brianna Willis and my husband, Patrick. A certain politician ran a campaign that constantly discussed mountain values. To tell you the truth Patrick and I don't remember that much about the campaign other than every time we would see a sign or commercial we would discuss exactly what made up a mountain value... Shotgun weddings?

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Utter Failure

Today I’m linking this blog to “Imagine the Impossibilities” 2012 Challenge. Why, because today was the day where I was supposed to wrap up all the amazing couch crafts I have created? But to be honest it was an utter failure. I’m embarrassed because whenever I have signed up to do a challenge on the internet I ALWAYS complete them. Why? Because I’m that type A personality.

Sure I did a couple of crafts you can read about here and here. And one that never even made it to posting (in the drafts file) but the plan was to show a comprehensive guide to low movement crafts. So what have I been doing instead of my challenge?

Pretty much nothing other than thinking, homework, and hanging out with my husband and son. Maybe, just maybe, that was what my impossibilities challenge should have been about the whole time. Trying to “Imagine” myself just taking it easy, relaxing, and being in the moment.

If you don’t know the “back”-story (bad pun intended) basically my unborn baby is pressing on my spine causing excruciating pain. Most days it is all I can do to make it to work and back home, and the only advice given from the doctors is lay down and relax as much as possible. Being the non-relaxing type my first weekend of couch laying was tremendously boring, but as the month has progressed I realized how lucky I am.  I have gotten to spend so much quality time with McClain. He gets on the bed or couch with me, runs his cars all over, talks in his sing-song language, plays with my hair, and generally makes himself at home where ever I am located.  As I simply lay and watch him play I have had time to enjoy these last few moments of just the three of us.  In a few short weeks he’ll be a brother and from that point on we’ll be a family of four.

Nothing like this staring you in the eyes to make the time pass all to fast.

These are the days I wouldn’t be able to get back.  Knowing myself, I would have spent the time trying to create the nursery, or clean the shelves, or basically anything other than just sit and watch my son if I physically had been able to.  Instead I have been given the gift of stillness.  Time to think about what matters, make plans for the future, and enjoy the present.  Patrick has always been better at taking in the moment, and I see more why as we sit side by side in the Sun watching McClain run about the yard.

Certainly, I won’t be spending the rest of eternity doing nothing.  In fact the new baby has dropped some giving me a little respite in the chronic pain and I already tried to take McClain shoe shopping.   Which left me limping and laying the rest of the weekend so hopefully I learned a lesson there as well.  So clearly as soon as I can; I will get back to “doing”.  BUT I hope I can remember that perfection isn’t necessary and take a few moments to just sit and relax.

So I failed on making wonderful crafts but I learned an impossible lesson: That sometimes just “being” is the best part of “doing”.

32 comments to Utter Failure

  • Hello friend,

    What an inspiring post! I agree 100%….these are the days to be enjoyed and treasured! You, my friend, are a rockstar! You should have titled your entry…..total success!
    thistlewoodfarm recently posted..A Journey of 1000 Steps

  • Truer words have never been spoken. Congrats on your almost new arrival!

  • Really love this post. I had extended bedrest during my pregnancy, during the winter. I didn’t have any little ones (outside the womb), and I spent hours a day lying in bed, home alone. There was something really amazing about that time that I didn’t realize until after it was done. When it was just the three of us, in a way it would never be just the three of us again after they were born. Pregnancy can be really hard, but there are things we get from it that I’d never want to trade away. Glad the pain has lifted some.
    Rita recently posted..A little TCB this morning…

    • Brianna

      Thanks. I think that is the lesson I am slowly learning. I’m not one of life’s patient people but pregnancy and motherhood are making me learn.

  • Spending time with your son – never a failure! Glad you have your priorities in order – you’ll be a crafting maniac once that baby is here (maybe while he naps)!! So glad you joined our challenge.

    • Brianna

      I do plan on being a crafting maniac. In fact one of the things I have thought about it starting a non-personal blog devoted to crafting my heart out :). Thanks for having the challenge and sorry I didn’t finish!

  • so you’re impossiblity was slowing down and taking time out with your son, and looking after yourself, right? It seems to me that you were immensely successful!

    Maybe God had other plans than yours, and He took over! I pray that you’ll be able to continue to look after yourself until the new baby arrives…God bless

  • Thank you for this inspiring post. I’ve been so frantic with the challenge and the blog that I keep forgetting to just step back, relax, and enjoy all that this world has given me. A devoted husband, fabulous and funny children … great new blog friends …

    Linda @ It All Started with Paint recently posted..imagine the impossibilities 2012 link party…

  • Hopped over from the challenge…LOVE this post! You are doing exactly what you should be…time flies and before you know it…its gone! You are an utter success!
    Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces recently posted..Something Accomplished!

  • I LOVE your take away from this! It is sooo far from a failure, I hope you see that. You signed up for school for crying out loud. :) And when will you ever have the perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing ever again? Make the most of these days in whatever way that is for you…even if it’s just pondering the weather. I am soooo glad you joined us in this journey!

    Thank you so much for joining the challenge!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog recently posted..Imagine the Impossibilities Link Party #1!

  • You are so inspiring! I’m so proud of YOU! <3 from your newest follower and fellow {new} blogger :) Please check out my impossibility and follow back!


    • Brianna

      So sorry to just now respond! Seems your comment got stuck in my spam blocker for some reason… Random, it usually only pulls the viagra ads. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Definitely no failure here… You are making the absolute best use of your time, and appreciating it. That is definitely a life success. Good to pay a little extra attention to Babe #1 before Babe #2 is on the scene in a more predominant way. A blessing to have that time.

  • Not an utter failure at all when you see those beautiful eyes staring at you and feel the kicks of the baby to come!! I’d say you have been a total success in realizing the important things in life! A lovely post to read, and I’m glad you are feeling some relief now the baby has dropped some!

    • Brianna

      Me too! I’m not sure how chronic pain sufferers stand it. I can totally take pain, but the constant ache just wears me out. Glad you enjoyed the read!

  • Well, I didn’t finish either but I really didn’t have a great reason. Well, okay I am finishing a dining room redo but seriously? You have been a Mary!

    • Brianna

      Hey life just gets in the way sometimes! At work we often have to change goals and timetables. We need to be a little better to ourselves when we don’t accomplish everything we “think” we should.

  • You are doing exactly what you need to be doing at this time so no beating yourself up with a wet noodle – a Grandmas’ order!

    I think the challenges are just to help us but I would bet all the ladies would say they are never intended to make us guilty if we don’t accomplish what we desire. I have to confess I didn’t even post about taking the challenge because our lives are so crazy I wasn’t sure I would get a thing done.And it wasn’t a huge thing but I did get my pantry organized- not looking like blogland beautiful but organized so I can find things at least!

    You enjoy those babies! They grow up so very fast! My oldest just turned 29 today!! O goodness I cannot believe it!!

    bee blessed

    • Brianna

      People tell you how fast the time passes, but until you have kids it doesn’t make sense. Time doesn’t simply pass it streams by!

      Oh the pantry… Its organized then it isn’t. Seems like a good project to me!

  • Sarah

    Beautiful and true words :). I love your takeaway lessons from this experience!

  • Dear Briana…you are a TOTAL success and don’t ever berate yourself or call yourself a failure! That picture of your little boy was the best DIY in the bunch! What a cutie pie!
    As for the back pain…I had that with one of mine years ago..he’s about your age now. He’s a Dad now but at the time the doctor told me to get on my bed on all 4′s and put my head on my arms (butt sticking up in the air…not pretty but it worked!) and it will “throw” (not literally) the baby off your spine and relieve the pain and it did. Of course you can’t “live” in that position but it certainly helped alleviate some of the pain for awhile. Just a suggestion. It’s funny too because he was 9lbs 10oz when he was born and now he’s 6′ 2″ and as skinny as a rail! LOL! But he was HUGE when he was born.

    • Brianna

      Thanks for the advice. That was actually one of the positions they recommended at physical therapy. Though as you mention it’s not so great for say… work and/or any public place.

      I think he is a cutie pie too! But I am a bit biased.

  • Bless you — i do believe that you did achieve the impossible! your family and you are always number one and i am so impressed with you i could do a cartwheel (that would NOT be pretty! : ) i hope each day gets better and better! these moments are purely priceless! sending tons of hugs to you and yours!
    andrea cammarata recently posted..What’s Cooking…the Super Bowl Edition…GO GIANTS!!!

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