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Real Mountain Values started as a running joke between myself, Brianna Willis and my husband, Patrick. A certain politician ran a campaign that constantly discussed mountain values. To tell you the truth Patrick and I don't remember that much about the campaign other than every time we would see a sign or commercial we would discuss exactly what made up a mountain value... Shotgun weddings?

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5 More Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Wrapping Paper


Last year did a round up of green alternatives to regular wrapping paper. I thought I would add a few more just in time for us last minute wrappers. Did I say last minute? Yep, I’m still waiting for some of the gifts I ordered to arrive. Hey at least I ordered them already :).

Scrap Paper As Layered Wrapping

Although this is wrapping paper you could buy (2010) from Anthropologie you could easily recreate this look by using all those little scraps of paper left over from other wrapping. Or ahem… admit your mother was right and save some

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Christmas Party: Green & Brown Tree Theme


If asked to think of the best party hosts I know I would, without hesitation name, my parents. They annually have one big party a year. Often the times change, Spring party… International Flavors Dinner… Birthday BBQ…So, when I was asked to co-host this years traditional Christmas party I was flattered.

Honestly, they did 90% of the work and I wanted to share how lovely it turned out. Per the usual, I started chatting with friends and forget to take pictures so let us take a look at some I remembered to get before the 40ish guests arrived.

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Purple Christmas Inspiration


Well I know most of you already have your Christmas decorations up. I mean who doesn’t really? (me)

I thought I would add one more Christmas inspiration board to both cover the 2011 Christmas Trends and spur me on to finish my own holiday decorations. Purple is making an entrance on the Christmas scene. Here we have deep aubergine and blue-violet mixed with pops of deep pink, white, and bronze.

Purple heads back to its royal roots with glittery shimmer and velvet finishes. Toss a faux purple fur throw on the sofa, add purple star bursts to the table,

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Turquoise Christmas and Holiday Inspiration


Congratulations to Valerie C. our garland giveaway winner! Thank you to everyone else who entered our contest. You made it a great first contest experience and we hope to offer more in the future.

One major color that stood out while scoping out the 2011 Christmas trends was the use of turquoise. It got me thinking about how you can use this intense color in Christmas and holiday decorations. I created an inspiration board that incorporates the turquoise with golds, browns, and grey greens. Though for a very modern look you might consider just turquoise and crisp white.

The traditional

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Camping Birthday Inspiration


My son is turning two at the end of November and I’m throwing him a camping themed birthday party. Why? Because he is still too young to want Spiderman, so I get to do what I want. Plus he loves being outside, so I plan on bringing the outside indoors. Of course in all this planning I had these great ideas to DIY for his party when I remembered something very important… We’ll be in Mexico until two days before his birthday. Crap!

If I can’t DIY maybe I can buy someone else’s DIY. The following mood board is all

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Modern Thanksgiving Inspiration


Last week we took a look at a mood board inspired by the traditional Thanksgiving. What if cornucopias, layers of color, and sideboards about to collapse under copious amounts of food aren’t your thing? Then take a look at this week’s Modern Thanksgiving.

The anchoring idea in this modern theme is to keep the Thanksgiving clean and simple. Pick choice items to draw the eye. For example instead of a huge centerpiece group a few branches, quail feathers, or choose plates with a Thanksgiving accent.

Keep the colors muted. You can still draw from the traditional orange, gold ,

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DIY Halloween Costume: Toddler Braveheart


Instead of DIY Wednesday we are doing it a day early. The reason? A simple costume for Halloween that I simply must show off! William Wallace aka Braveheart toddler style:

It got very cold, so, yes he does have pants under that kilt… and an extra shirt under his shirt. This costume also included a buckler and sword, but being almost two years old he quickly figured out throwing the sword and shield was super fun. This was our followup to last year’s viking costume.

How to Create A Toddler Friendly Version of Braveheart aka William Wallace

Materials: Plaid,

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31 Days of Party & Event Planning: Day 31-Traditional Thanksgiving


Happy Halloween and end of the 31 Day Challenge! You can read the recap here. Since I figured everyone was already decorated for Halloween, I moved on to a Traditional Thanksgiving for today’s mood board. However, if you are still scrambling for Halloween inspiration try:

Halloween Food Inspiration

Easy Halloween Treat Bags

Sparkly Halloween Decoration Inspiration

Now on to the turkey.

Since this is the Traditional Thanksgiving I’m not going into too much detail. Just remember grandmother’s. If your lacking a traditional family gathering then Google Norman Rockwell. Think warm fall colors, cornucopias, and plenty of turkey.


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31 Days of Party & Event Planning: Day 28-Event Photos


If you have gone to all the trouble to have a party remember to get some photos of the event. I love to get candids, but usually I get so involved in the moment I lay the camera down and forget I was going to take photos. I consider this a necessary evil because I can’t really get into the party if I am stuck behind the camera, but I hate when I miss getting a shot of a guest or forget to record anything completely.

The solution? Make photos part of the event!

Consider any Hollywood event; what is

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31 Days of Party & Event Planning: Day 27-Non-Dorky Icebreakers


I have never been a fan of the ‘icebreaker’ games required at a lot of corporate events. It seems like the forced mirth just doesn’t fit a business function. Plus let us be honest, most of them seem really dorky or cheesy.

However, I can see the value of trying to create a common thread for strangers to start a conversation. As I discussed in my hosting 101 post, the host’s main goal is to put guests at ease and facilitate conversation. Certainly introducing them is the first step but what if there was a way to fit in an

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